Looking for writer [CLOSED]

Crescendo is recruiting:
If you’re a writer feel free to apply. You can reply here or contact me on Twitter.
Preferably native english speakers (or italian, because we're a spaghetti team).


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Hey I would like to try and help. Let me know. I am writing a book now but I want to help you make your VN. My book is slow.

I have some experience writing. Never for a visual novel before but I'd love to give it a go. Let me know.

Just I've said to Frostyboy, sent us your Discord id, we have a proposal for both of you

absolutely love the game, me and me best mate have played all the updates! I am super keen to develop my own VN one day and would love the chance to join your team to help with writing/dev and so on, would be absolute killer experience for me and a great chance to participate in a story I very much am loving!

You're welcome! If you can address your Discord id on our email we can discuss the details.


Side project works? :0 also good luck!


We've a lot of ideas in mind linked to Crescendo. But we're still too far in early stage, so for now we prefer to focus on the main project and make the release faster

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Se sei curioso, anche le location della scuola ho scattato personalmente le foto, quindi potresti riconoscerne le origini 


wow se non ero emozionato prima ora lo sono x100, veramente complimenti! <3