Crescendo 0.4.5 now out!

Ayeaye, Googs & Divo back from the dead just for y'all!

Sososo, a lot has happened in the past months but we can hopefully, finally get back on track!

Well, since the public build was pretty old, we decided to give some "anticipations" from Patreon in the new build on itch!

So, here's the changelog for build 0.4.5!

_New scenes up to the end of day 3

_Completely reworked audio selection (say goodbye to almost all McLeod songs!)

_Reworked day1 Oliver gym event

_New outfit for Oliver

_So many new f*cking songs... (No, really, I need a spreadsheet to remember all of them!)

_One new cg

_A new homescreen

What s to come, you may ask? Simple!

_A meticulously grammar proofed fixed version

_A revision of sound effects audio levels (We know, the bus noises are obnoxious...)

_A revision of our survey system


Thank you everyone for your support! We hope to bring you more and more soon enough!


com.crescendofurryteam.crescendo-405-universal-release.apk 189 MB
Jan 18, 2021 180 MB
Jan 18, 2021 163 MB
Jan 18, 2021

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Lawrence reminds me of a certain tall skeleton from undertale



yooooooo stable update scedule