Devlog October: Spooky surprises

Hihi, Googs here ^^

We have a lot to talk about so let's not lose anymore time and jump right into it!
1. Thank you everyone for making us reach 2k downloads! It means a lot to us and we are really happy people seem to be having a good time^^ To celebrate, we posted a special Crescendo-themed wallpaper and flowcharts for the various routes publicly on our Patreon page, so go check it out! 
2. We are planning to soon release a special Halloween event-story. This story (and the future ones in case we reach our Patreon goal :bonk:) will be limited to Patreon builds and won't be present in public builds. You can read more details on our post
3.We are working on slowly but surely fix as many grammar errors as possible, so thank you all for your patience <3
4. In the next public build, build 0.4 , get ready to be blown away by the awesome tunes our friend Hop-Skip & The Chewtoys made for us ^^

This was about it! Thank you all again for your patience <3 We hope to bring you soon enough more content to enjoy ^^
Googs out!

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