Crescendo 0.2 now out!!

HiHi, Googs here! Sorry for the delay but Ren'py turned have several complications :bonk:

Anyway, we are happy to announce our second build! Here's everything new:

+Added all the missing choices from day1;

+Added part of day2;

+Added a new shiny cg;

+Added a new UI; 

+Added MC's side-view sprites;

+More mini-sprites!

+Added sound-effects;


-Fixes on Oliver and Riley's sprites;

-Several grammar fixes;

-Redesigned MC's hairstyle.

There are remarks to be done: unfortunately, we weren't able to fully implement our new UI in the android port, so for now only the mc sprites and namebox will be personalized. On the sonor side, I higly suggest to max out music volume and slightly lower the sound effects' volume in your preferences.

Regarding the future, we are working on more expressions sprites for Will before shifting towards the other characters' emotions. The sound effects number will definetely be increased and we are also working on possibly drawn backgrounds! (As soon as I get my tablet back :bonk:)

Thank you all for supporting us! We hope to bring y'all more content in the near future.

For any issue, bug, suggestion or random thought, feel free to hit me on discord or my pal Divo on Twitter.

Thank you for your attention, Googs out!

Files 101 MB
Jun 30, 2020 84 MB
Jun 30, 2020
com.crescendofurryteam.crescendo-200-universal-release.apk 125 MB
Jun 30, 2020

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