Survey results and more!

Heyooo Googs here, we are back from the dead. *bonk*
A lot of stuff happened this month and we wanted to give you all a recap:
-First the survey results: Here's the ranking for ever character picked by you:
Most favourite                                         Least favourite
1#Lawrence                                               1#Riley
2#Oliver and Riley                                 2#Oliver
4#Will                                                            3#Will

Guess Lawrence really made a number on y'all *bonk*
Anyway, we are glad you peeps seemed to like the cg and we are looking forward to do more in that department.
Speaking of art:
-Thank you Aleb for drawing and Phileo (from "A place to call home") for coloring this piece. . The memes were strong in this one.
-The cover you see is for  Hop-Skip & The Chewtoys' amazing song! We had a blast listening to it and coming up with something to give back ^^ 
On another note, thank you everyone for hitting 1000 downloads!! We are so glad many people decided to make time for us and we'll make sure to bring you even more in the future <3 However, if you are craving for more content, we just uploaded our newest build on Patreon with some neat stuff. *violently shakes the tip jar* *bonk* 
Jkjk, don't worry. The build will be made publicly avaiable not earlier than the 15th of August for everyone to enjoy^^
Anyway, that is all. Thank you everyone for your support, comments on survey and interactions. We really appreciate them and make us go forward <3
If you want to ask us something or anything, feel free to bug Divo on his Twitter or my DMs on Discord at gugali123#1947 .
Thank you for your attention everyone, hope to see y'all soon <3.

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