Devlog: Thank you for your support!

HiHi, Googs here for ya! We got quite the week, didn't we? We both want to personally thank all of you for your support: we reached 3000+ views and 300 downloads in such a short time, all thanks to y'all. From the bottom of my heart, arigato gozaimas!!
I was quite moved by some of the splendid fanarts we received , even putting their own twists on the characters (We promise we'll revise Will sprite, please put the guns down >.<)
Anyway, for the updates, next week we are going to launch build 0.2 .
The build will include:
-The 3 missing options from day 1
-Part of Day 2
- A new cg for Lawrence
-A new UI design

-Sound effects

-Various fixes
-Android build
Build 2 is going to be immediately made publicly avaiable, so look out for it!
On our Patreon we also uploaded some previews of the cg and new UI.
Anyway, hope everything goes allright. Again, thank you for your support <3
Googs out!

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