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Someone should replace them to keep working on this then


Is it gone forever?

Hopefully not.

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Fam it dead.


I'm still waiting after one and half a year to start reading this.


is the project gonna continue?


in 2077 maybe


oh god

Fam it dead.



I Do Hope you continue this project and not scrap it

uhh what happened if i may ask


For people like me wondering what happened: They made an update on Patreon and they’re going to post a devlog here in the future with more details.


Looking forward to see more of this VN and also to spend more time with the best dude I could imagine, Lawrence



Doooes anyone here know whether or not the VN is ever going to be publicly updated again?


since the last patreon update was in april, I'm hoping this VN isn't dead yet

Show post...




Ah yea, this was a kid (yes really) that spread hate comments all over itch and had their account suspended after someone reported them to their school? Dunno the whole story but that's about it.


They're embarrassing themselves

They'll regret every bad thing they did when they get older


this looks nice hope there's a new update soon


i wonder when is the next update?


me too


I'm looking forward to the next build. It's a really good visual novel β€’ β—‘β€’

Hello anyone there


depends lol, who are you looking for?

can you make a walkthrough please?


Lawrence is baby (and reminds me of Papyrus from undertale)


right! i thought of papyrus too! i was wondering why hes so familiar


When is the next update coming out?

uuh are you aware something is wrong with the save feature ?


Really?? Could you tell us about the issue?

on my first play through the game i couldn't save it kept showing game error, the save feature started working on the second, its fine now but a bit frustrating on the first one


Mmmmh I see. We'll recheck the code and see what we can do to fix that.


the artstyle is cute I haven't played it yet but it sounds intriguing 


So glad to see if updated, I literally did a not so little happy dance when I saw the new content.  I can't wait to try this game out, but may I ask a few questions?


Sure thing!


Thank you so so much, my main question is two fold, will their be an aspect of romance/dating in future updates and will there be explicit/sexual content or scenes?  In regards to the second question I want to be clear that my future enjoyment of this VN is in no way dependent on there being explicit content, I am just curious about what you meant when you said there would be NSFW material in future updates.  Finally I have one more thing to say that I am very afraid may come across as rude or out of line when I mean it only as feedback from a fan.  This feedback is that I would like to see more reaction animations for the character models.  But all in all I'm so happy that this VN isn't dead and I cant wait to see what's yet to come.


Aye aye, sorry for the late reply. 
For your first questions, the answer is yes: while fully explicit scenes won't be included for a looooooong time, we are working on adding innuendos and "bulging up" some near-future cgs :3

For the "reaction animation" part I'm not exactly sure how to interpretate it (more animation on sprites, more poses...), but either way we held back further additions to sprite variations until the uniform change is fully implemented.
Thank you for your patience! 


No worries, I don't mind waiting for a quality answers which you have just delivered, as for what I meant with more expressive animations I meant that perhaps the sprites could have some more expressive reaction changes.  But please don't misunderstand, I am extremely impressed by the game and am so very happy that its not dead.  Have a wonderful week.

yay, they're back! ^^

Yay thanks for the update, for some reason i have a feeling you will update it today lol


Divo here: happy holidays everyone, We know we look quite dead, but we're still alive, we are zombies. The usual stuff happened: exams, Googs got the covid, then I graduated, then Googs' exams... In the meantime we have released a special episode that it's not avaible on, but today we have announced a new schedule and we hope to release a full build here soon too.

So glad to here that this isn't dead, while this VN is not perfect I truly believe that with enough love and commitment it can become something amazing.  Also I'm a little confused, where was the release schedule posted?  Anyways thanks for this great news and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday

Merry Christmas. Are you alive? We haven't heard from you in a long time, should we worry?

Merry Christmas everyone 😁


owo when the update


the most absurd part of this game including the eldritch horrors is the fact that the MC attends a conservatorium and has not practiced a single time since arriving 

When will the next public update be?


You added emotions!! I love it!! 

Also, the main character doesnt appear next to the dialog box when he is talking, am I the only one having this problem?

Thank you for word^^
About the mc portrait not showing, we noticed that while fixing the UI on Android, portraits might not appear on Tablet devices. We are still looking into how to fix it, gomen!!

oh I had no idea! I thought it was my device's problem or something hahaha

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Notices some movement in the lower right corner. Oh, Lawrence. Right on cue. This is probably one of my most favorite scenes so far.

I don't know why, but Dolores Umbridge popped into my head in this scene. Perhaps it's the "almost unnatural smile". Scaaaary. Sort of like if Dolores Umbridge was male and good instead of an evil bitch.

Also, Lawrence is funny as heck. And has a versatile skill set (parkour, lock picking and stealth - I'm envious, man).

And boy, did Oliver throw me for a loop here. But boy, is he still my most favorite character.

Question: During the first class of the game, I can't select the option "Don't worry. You two continue." Is this a bug, or is there just nothing written for the option yet?

Oh, don't worry about that. That option still wasn't implemented at the moment of original release. Next build will add that option alongside more content, so look out for it ^^

Cool, thanks for the answer! I know some developers don't respond to questions in the comments section, so it's nice to hear from someone, and so quickly, too!


Looking forward to the story


Oh my God Lawrence is my absolute favorite! I've been laughing non-stop hahaha. I absolutely love his attitude!

I love everything about this VN, the sprites, the backgrounds, the soundtrack.

Amazing work! Keep it up!

Hi Googs, know that your game is beautiful, the characters are fantastic, above all Lawrence, I hope you will continue and that the next update will arrive as soon as possible!

ok i will download it now, thanks ^^


This game is really good.


Giving this game a shot cuz my best friend recommended it to me hehe ^^

Thank you for your interest! Let us know what you think about it^^


Instantly fell in love with Lawrence qwq, Man I can relate to Lawrence and the Main character sooo much that I instantly had a connection XD, Anyways, Loved the game! Hope to see more of this wonderful vn in the future! ^^

Thank you for your praises! We are really glad you enjoyed our work ^^


your welcome! I know you deserve it! ^^

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